ICT Training

Info Timor is a Registered Training Organisation in Timor Leste and also delivers Internationally Certified Cisco network training.

  1.  Info Timor offers four level of training.
  2. Non- accredited computer training focused on the basics;
  3. Nationally accredited training under the direction of Timor Leste Government training body, SEPFOPE;
  4. Internationally accredited Cisco Certified Networking Academy training through the Info Timor Cisco Academy.
  5. Internationally accredited training through the Microsoft IT Academy (Pending)

Info Timor has computer training facilities in Dili, Baucau, Suai, Liquica and Baguia. Over 2,000 people have undertaken computer training provided by Info Timor’s qualified training team.

Info Timor is a registered training provider with SEPFOPE, the Timorese Government training authority, and will be accredited to deliver Certificate 1 and Certificate 2 in Technology.

Info Timor offers the following training programs:

  • Basic Computer use
  • Certificate 1 in IT (Applications)
  • Certificate 2 in IT (Hardware)
  • General hardware maintenance

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The Info Timor training team have completed Certificate based training and have also had to complete training in computer hardware and maintenance so that they can assist with any questions during a training session.

Info Timor also provides hands on training in hardware maintenance. This training requires participants to spend up to three months working in the Info Timor workshop working along side the Info Timor technicians. This delivers a very practical, hands on training program that when completed the participants can return to their community and provide a high standard of IT support.