Internet Services

Info Timor manages its own internet service using Vsat technology. This allows Info Timor to deliver a quality affordable high speed internet service using mesh wi-fi technology. Currently the internet service is provided in four locations – Baucau, Liquica, Suai and Baguia.

Info Timor uses open-mesh, wi fi technology to provide a low cost, robust wi-fi infrastructure to deliver internet to individuals, NGO’s and community organisations in the Districts of Timor Leste.  Info Timor has a plan to provide a quality internet service across the Districts of Timor that are currently missing out a information technology services that people in Dili are becoming accustomed to access..

This service is provided on a cost recovery basis and has been designed to ensure that everyone is able to access the information when and where they need.

For further information call +670 73101044