Info Timor has a commitment to community education to encourage awareness of the significant benefits of social and economic inclusion in building a civil and democratic society.

This is done in a variety of ways.

Projects developed and delivered by Info Timor will increase social and economic participation in order to contribute to an inclusive society that values the sustainable livelihood and happiness of every individual.

Info Timor is committed to cooperation and support in any not-for-profit project, whether an independent project, a joint project, a project with a specialised focus or a broad focus. The one qualification is that a project aim must be to increase social health.

There are three core areas of activity:


ICT Training

Info Timor is a Registered Training Organisation in Timor Leste and also delivers Internationally Certified Cisco network training.

  1. Info Timor offers four level of training.
  2. Non- accredited computer training focused on the basics;
  3. Nationally accredited training under the direction of Timor Leste Government training body, SEPFOPE;
  4. Internationally accredited Cisco Certified Networking Academy training through the Info Timor Cisco Academy.
  5. Internationally accredited training through the Microsoft IT Academy (Pending)

Info Timor has computer training facilities in Dili, Baucau, Suai, Liquica and Baguia. Over 2,000 people have undertaken computer training provided by Info Timor’s qualified training team.

Info Timor is a registered training provider with SEPFOPE, the Timorese Government training authority, and will be accredited to deliver Certificate 1 and Certificate 2 in Technology.

Info Timor offers the following training programs:

  • Basic Computer use
  • Certificate 1 in IT (Applications)
  • Certificate 2 in IT (Hardware)
  • General hardware maintenance

The Info Timor training team have completed Certificate based training and have also had to complete training in computer hardware and maintenance so that they can assist with any questions during a training session.

Info Timor also provides hands on training in hardware maintenance. This training requires participants to spend up to three months working in the Info Timor workshop working along side the Info Timor technicians. This delivers a very practical, hands on training program that when completed the participants can return to their community and provide a high standard of IT support.


Computer sales and support

One of the main activities of Info Timor is the remanufacturing of high-end computers. This work is carried out in the Info Timor workshops in Dili, Baucau, Suai, and Liquica.

Info Timor workshops are staffed by certified computer technicians who have undertaken the Cisco IT Essentials training program.

The computer refurbishment process ensures every computer is thoroughly checked and installed with quality operating software and applications.

The computers are sourced from Australian businesses that are upgrading their technology and shipped to Timor Leste coordinated by Info Timor’s Australian partner xpand Foundation.

The computers are sold on a cost recovery basis to organisations, schools, community groups and NGO’s. Income generated is used to pay wages of the Info Timor Technicians and cover operational overheads.

This has allowed communities and individuals to access quality affordable computers where they otherwise would not be able too. All of the Info Timor computers are supplied with a warranty.

People who purchase a computer can participate in the Info Timor computer basics training program to gain the skills required to become proficient in using a computer.

Info Timor currently employs eight technicians in its four workshop in Dili, Baucau, Suai and Liquica.

Computer Packages

InfoTimor computer packages come with:

  • A monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Ubuntu installed and configured
  • Software including: Open Office software including Open database, Open Spreadsheet, Open Presentation, Open, Word Precessor, Grafis includes F-spot Photo Manager, GIMP Image Editor, Xsane Image Scanner, gThumb Image Viewer
  • Sounds and Video cards including: Movie Player, MP movie player, Xine Movie Player, XMMS music player for Mp3 and games includes Tuxtyping and uxmath.

Every InfoTimor computer package purchased also includes our standard Info Timor three (3) month return-to base warranty.

To order a computer call:

  • Dili – +670 73101044
  • Baucau – +670 4130034
  • Suai – +670 77782598
  • Liquica – +670 77941103

Access for all to quality, affordable computers is at the core to Info Timor’s mission of Technology for Social Justice.


Internet Services

Info Timor manages its own internet service using Vsat technology. This allows Info Timor to deliver a quality affordable high speed internet service using mesh wi-fi technology. Currently the internet service is provided in four locations – Baucau, Liquica, Suai and Baguia.

Info Timor uses open-mesh, wi fi technology to provide a low cost, robust wi-fi infrastructure to deliver internet to individuals, NGO’s and community organisations in the Districts of Timor Leste. Info Timor has a plan to provide a quality internet service across the Districts of Timor that are currently missing out a information technology services that people in Dili are becoming accustomed to access..

This service is provided on a cost recovery basis and has been designed to ensure that everyone is able to access the information when and where they need.

For further information call +670 73101044